Our Generous Sponsors/Opportunities to Sponsor

Thank you to our generous sponsors! Without your continued support, we could not have been able to put this great event on!

2015  donations

--Public Service Garage $250 --VAST $500 --CCI   $250 --UPPCO $100 --Range Bank $250 --Ojibwa Casino $250 --Kewadin Casinos $100 --Gordon Foods Gift Card  $50 --WalMart Marquette gift card  $50  --Northern Michigan Bank $100 --Peoples State Bank $250 --CVS Pharmacy Gift Card $50 Subway Marquette (2 Platters that feed 30) Econo Foods Marquette 4 meat/cheese trays,  4 fruit trays, 2 veggie trays, case of oranges and apples, 4 watermelons Marquette Food Co-op 1 case of bananas Jilberts  50 pints of 2% milk, 25 pints of chocolate milk Quick Trophy 25% discount on trophies Munising Lions Providing pasties and condiments for awards ceremony Germfask Lions Providing Pancake breakfast on Tuesday, August 4th Kersh’s Market   Trail Mix/Bananas Manistique Lions Provided 20 pizzas for lunch in Manistique

2014  donations

  • Public Service Garage $250
  • VAST $250
  • CCI   $250
  • UPPCO $250
  • Gladstone Lions $100
  • Range Bank $250
  • Marquette Lions $100
  • Fox Marquette $100
  • Ojibwa Casino $500
  • Chatham Lions $50
  • Gordon Foods $25 Gift Card
  • WalMart Marquette gift card $100
  • Northern Michigan Bank $100
In-kind donations:
  • Quiznos (4 platters)
  • Subway Marquette (2 Platters)
  • Econo Foods Marquette 4 meat/cheese trays,  plus case of oranges and apples
  • Holiday Station Stores Marquette 4 cases of water and $25 gas card
  • Marquette Food Co-op 1 case of bananas  Casa Calabria (Discount on garlic bread)  Estimated cost of $175
  • Jilberts 40 pints of 2% milk, 20 pints of chocolate milk
  • Quick Trophy 50% discount on trophies

Who Can Become a Sponsor?

YOU CAN! Become a sponsor on behalf of yourself, your family, your community service club or company!

Why Sponsor Tour Da U.P.?

Are you concerned about the care and support that is available for troubled children in Upper Michigan? Are you interested in promoting health and fitness, specifically recreational cycling? Perhaps you simply love Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Whatever the reason, sponsorship of Tour Da U.P. allows you to support a great recreational bike ride along Lake Superior, while helping Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan to continue providing services for kids and families in need. Teaching Family Homes is a private, non-profit organization, which qualifies for tax-deductible contributions as a 501(c)(3) organization - caring for Upper Peninsula children and families for the past twenty-five years.

What Are My Options?

Become a member of the Miles for Smiles Membership Club by contributing much needed products and services. Examples include civic groups serving meals; companies providing refreshments, communication and transportation; and individuals/small businesses sending donations. Not only will your contribution help to offset the tour expense, but also to assist with continued programs and services offered by Teaching Family Homes to help children in need. All contributors will be recognized on Tour da U.P. t-shirts and will also be included on our website! Lil' Peddler Sponsors provide a donation of $100. All sponsors at this level are recognized by having their name and logo appear on Tour da U.P. t-shirts. Spokes Person Sponsors provide donations in the $250-$500 range. Awards, Tour memorabilia and transportation costs are supported with this fund. The balance is used for kids' programs. Sponsors at this level will be recognized by having their logo appear on all Tour da U.P. t-shirts. Your name and logo will also appear on daily route maps used by all participants, and in area newspaper and radio ads. For more information contact Rich Rossway (906) 249-5437 or email rrossway@tfhomes.org