Bring Your Own Biker (BYOB)

What a great way to share the experience of Tour da U.P. with your friends and family, and ride for free! The Bring Your Own Biker (BYOB) Recruitment program is designed to help you pay for your registration cost by simply recruiting other cyclists. It's easy! Recruit new riders for the tour (if you need additional brochures to help in your search, let us know and we'll get some to you). When your recruits register for the event be sure to have them list you as their BYOB RECRUITER. You'll receive a $25 discount for each new recruit!

It's easy! Simply:

  • Recruit New Riders
  • Have Them List You As Their Recruiter
  • Recruit Ten New Participants...
  • You Ride For Free!

For more information, contact Tour da U.P. offices at (906) 249-5437